Causes of wall moisture

There is a solution for every problem

Every house is unique. The causes of wall moisture can be just as diverse. We find this cause, and the suitable solution for it.

Ascending moisture

Due to a lack of waterproofing, moisture can rise in the masonry. The water is drawn through the capillary system into the masonry. Due to the increase in humidity, the entire wall becomes wet over time, and the surface coating is destroyed by salt deposits.

With interior walls, the same effect occurs in the plinth area. In addition, this means that walls and floors lose their thermal insulation capacity and a strong loss of heat is noticeable.


If warm air hits cold walls, condensation and mould can form. A reason for this can be, for example, a damaged or defective thermal insulation. Efficient infrared heating can help here, as it heats the surface of the outer wall and thus prevents condensation.

Pressuring water

Pressuring water from the sides becomes a problem when an external wall seal is not present at all, or not in sufficient quantity. We can find a solution with just an on-site inspection.

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