Damage and loss of value

Consequences of a wet wall

Damp walls and damp masonry have expensive consequences: in addition to expensive heating costs, the value of your property may be adversely affected. If the deficiency is remedied too late, serious consequential damage will result, in extreme cases even to the point of unsaleability.

Plaster spalling

The rising dampness causes first stains to form, then dents on the plaster. Ultimately, this ends in the unattractive chipping or blasting of the plaster from the wall.

Salt efflorescence

When water penetrates the masonry, it dissolves mineral salts from the building materials used. These salts crystallise and lead to „blooming“ … something which sounds nice usually has ugly consequences: white or yellowish spots appear on walls and wallpaper and make renovation unavoidable.

Unpleasant room climate

Our indoor climate has a strong effect on our daily well-being. If the humidity is too high, we start to sweat. Mould spores find an optimal basis for life and endanger your health.

Damage to masonry

In addition to the negative aesthetic effects of damp walls, moisture in masonry can lead to serious masonry damage. In the worst cases, the building fabric can be so severely damaged that there is ultimately a risk of collapse.

Mould infestation

The more moisture there is in a house, the faster moulds multiply. Especially on children and immunocompromised adults, mould spores in living rooms have severe health effects – possible consequences are mucous membrane and conjunctivitis, colds and allergic asthma.

Unusable basement rooms

Would you like to use your cellar as a guest and study room, storage space or wellness oasis, but damp walls are putting a spoke in the wheel? A musty, earthy smell is a serious factor which indicates wall dampness and worsens the quality of well-being.

Solution only through wall drying

Without a thorough drying of the walls, no permanent and successful renovation of the affected parts of the building is possible. All measures which ignore already-existing moisture always lead to new consequential damage.

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