Function of an infrared heater

Enjoy the natural infrared warmth

The biggest difference between infrared heating and a conventional heating system is the air. Infrared heat rays warm bodies and objects – it’s fast and efficient.


There is no air circulation or dust turbulence, but your feet are pleasantly warm. The fact that the air is not heated has a positive effect on your airways – the times of „thick air“ in winter are a thing of the past. Condensation of the heated air is also avoided – no moisture and no mould on the wall!

Infrared heater

Our heating panels emit infrared waves, which do not primarily heat the air in the room, but all bodies therein. Floor, walls, ceiling, in short all materials absorb the heat radiation directly and heat up. This provides a healthy, comfortable and pleasant feeling of warmth, just like a tiled stove.

Convection heating

An old radiator heats the air in the room, where an air circulation takes place. The cool air sinks downwards, while the warm air rises upwards. This creates an unhealthy dust turbulence.

For your independence

You save not only due to low acquisition and installation costs – but also through targeted, demand-oriented heating with a nearly 100% efficiency. Our panels are maintenance-free for life and are characterised by a long service life. Additional costs such as maintenance or repair costs are completely eliminated.

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