The modern and healthy way to heat

Warmth that heats you to the bone

Imagine sitting on a glacier and blinking in the sun, snuggling up on the bench of a tiled stove or warming up around a crackling campfire. Even at low air temperatures, your body is pleasantly warmed up and you don’t freeze. These heat sources emit radiant heat – and this is how infrared heating works.

With SECCOtech, you can bring this feel-good warmth into your home.

Feel-good warmth at the touch of a button

Just like the sun, infrared rays warm objects and surfaces immediately and efficiently, bypassing the tedious detour of heating the air. You can enjoy the cosy feel-good warmth of an infrared heater within a few minutes.

Your style - our mission

No matter which design your interior has – we supply the right infrared panel or even an eye-catcher for your home. The choice of materials and possibilities is huge. Come and see for yourself!

Your heating as a design element

You win twice – because of the countless design possibilities we can offer you, you will benefit not only from the healthy and efficient infrared heat, but you will also have the opportunity to bring an individually-designed element into your home, which can become an essential part of your interior design. The only limit is your imagination. To fulfil your design dreams, we offer you a well-assorted selection of the best materials.

Modern living - smart control

Would you like to control and adjust your heating or music system from the comfort of your sofa? Or on a hot summer’s day, lower the forgotten blinds or operate the lights in your house while on holiday? With our control systems this is no problem at all. Especially clever: You can control each room individually.

As pleasant as a stay in the sun

The air makes the difference

Infrared heat is health-promoting heat – it is not for nothing that it is successfully used in medical and physiotherapeutic applications. Infrared heat does not stir up dust – a relief for every allergy sufferer. Infrared heat helps to reduce the risk of harmful mould.

Your piggy bank will be happy....

Apart from all the advantages, heating with infrared heat is also inexpensive! You save not only due to low acquisition and installation costs – but also through targeted, demand-oriented heating with a nearly 100% efficiency. High bills for the storage of heating material are no longer necessary.

In addition, complicated maintenance contracts and expensive repairs are a thing of the past. Heating with infrared heat is simply efficient and sustainable.

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