The biological mould control agent has been specially developed for use in sanitary areas and for the restoration of damp walls and cellars. The agent can be used on almost all surfaces. (e.g. wallpaper, plaster, masonry and more)

Microbiological mould agent

The mould control agent provides excellent preventive and sustained protection by building a microbial protective layer. It works completely without the use of health-hazardous substances.

A natural protection

The mould-preventing agent works in a similar way to probiotic bacteria on human skin. There they provide, through lactic acid production among other things, for a milieu, which protects against a colonisation of fungi.

Humidity condensation

The main cause of most mould accumulations is a too-low surface temperature of the wall. This can cause condensation to form on the walls. This creates a climate in which the mould feels comfortable. This can be counteracted with infrared heating,  which increases the surface temperature of the wall and thus prevents the formation of mould.

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