Wired controller

This wired controller is equipped with full time and week programming and backlighting. It is connected directly to the circuit and switches the infrared heating directly via the integrated relay.

Radio control

The wireless controller is also time-programmable and consists of two components. The first part is the thermostat itself, and the second part is the wireless receiver which switches the infrared heating on and off. The wireless receiver is optionally available as a socket pickup and as a flush-mounted pickup.

Socket thermostats

The socket thermostat is the simplest version of the thermostat. It is available in two versions. As a simple thermostat without any time programming, or as a fully-programmable thermostat including time control.

Smart Home

The infrared heating can also be integrated into a modern building control system. With a Smart Home, you can control not only the heating, but several devices at the same time.

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